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orange pop

 208195 212dkny coat (similar here), j. crew sweater, vintage skirt (similar), c/o the limited bag (similar here) and wristlet, forever 21 heels (similar)

Welcome to my fall uniform: bright crewneck sweater, mini skirt, and d’orsay pumps. And this mini crossbody from The Limited has been my go-to bag all fall. I find this outfit timeless and classic, with just enough added interest from the bright sweater and leopard wallet. My boyfriend says I look like I’m married to a Kennedy. I guess that’s a good thing?


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188171 191forever 21 jacket (similar here), sweater (similar here and here), and pumps (similar), frontrowshop skirt, c/o the limited bag (sold out, similar here and here) and wristlet

I don’t usually like to wear pink for the same reason I don’t usually order white wine when I go out. I hate the stereotype that all women love certain things: the color pink, whipped cream flavored cocktails, Emily Dickinson novels, and bad romantic comedies. Oh, and we hate science and we’re scared of doing math, too. Am I the only one who gets unnecessarily upset when a bartender automatically suggests something fruity or floral to drink? Hell, everyone who finds out that my boyfriend and I have a both a chihuahua and a lab immediately assumes the chihuahua was my doing (it wasn’t). But today I thought, “Screw it, people will think what they want to think, I’m wearing pink!” And then I made up that rhyme about it. Ok, I’ll stop. Like my outfit?

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black and white

Untitled039093forever 21 top and skirt, modern design tungsten ring (c/o)

Creepy twin Kates!

This little set isn’t supposed to be reversible, but I just couldn’t help it. I’m all about matching sets right now – they provide the instant-outfit convenience of a dress with the versatility of separates. And an (almost) reversible set is like a reversible bikini – four outfits in one!. But more like a bikini for someone whose idea of working out is swearing at the tv through the first ten minutes of a Jillian Michaels workout, then retreating to the familiar comfort of her sofa. Or for someone living in a landlocked, water-restricted state. So basically, perfect for me.

Let’s move from the painful subject of bikinis and – ugh – working out to something more fun – accessories! I got this sweet tungsten carbide ring from Modern Design, and while I’m usually more of a gold jewelry person, I’m loving the modern, menswear vibe it has. Perfect to pair with a girly little set, and the only accessory this outfit really needs.

Happy Halloween!! I’m off to finish making costumes for my dogs…

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Hey friends! Last weekend was our first snow of the season. Yep!! So in honor of all that, I decided to play a little game called “how many layers can I work into one outfit while still not wearing pants?” Can you guess?









Ok and I’m wearing undies too guys but I’m not about to strip down in my front yard. My neighbors with kids (and without) might not be too keen on that…

(vintage skirt, forever 21 shirt (similar here, here, oh heck, just pick one), shoes (similar), and baseball jacket (similar here, here), h&m denim jacket (similar), j. crew vest (similar here and in camo), c/o the limited bag (similar here) and wallet)

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