feels like fall






forever 21 blazer, jeans, and tank, thrifted vintage scarf, vintage heels from ready to wear vintage on etsy, b. makowsky bag, bangles from Costa Rica/little India, chameleon ring from moon raven designs on etsy (worn as scarf pin)

So today is the first day it’s felt like fall here in Denver.  I was beginning to feel like a crazy person, since all the other bloggers I follow have been talking about the “tricky” weather for a while now.  But apparently last month was the 2nd hottest August on record here, so I’m not crazy after all.  Anyway, I am more than happy to transition into fall, because fall means layers, and layers mean I get to wear more of my favorite clothes at the same time!  I went for somewhat preppy, with a lot of mixed prints, including two different leopard prints.  (I promise in my next post I will not wear any leopard).  We’re grilling out today – surprise, surprise – and I’m excited for shrimp skewers and WINE.


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4 thoughts on “feels like fall

  1. jeanne says:

    Great name for a fashion blog. I love transitioning from summer to fall, being able to add a piece here and there to existing outfits and voila a whole new look. Great look!

  2. Andrea says:

    Love what you’ve done Kate! Gorgeous outfit fit for a lovely September day. Glad the shoes worked out.

  3. Beth says:

    love the jacket

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