being green

forever 21 top and shoes, mieko melucci dress (worn as skirt), american apparel clutch, bracelets from thailand, necklace from skeleclips on etsy

Though I categorize a lot of my posts as wishlists, I don’t really expect to get most of the things on them (like the $300 handbags or $600 pairs of shoes), but for my birthday my incredible sister got me this skull/beetle elytra necklace that I gushed over in this post!  I love how it looks with the tribal pattern of the shirt, and I think it will add a nice dose of creepiness to many outfits to come.


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3 thoughts on “being green

  1. Wida says:

    I loveee stuff like that. Don’t think it’s creepy! Gosh, that color of green is so perfect. I can never find that color for me!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  2. halliedaily says:

    Such nice sister you have! this is such a gorgeous necklace! and the green fit you so well!

  3. duckalicious says:

    omfg, I finally managed to get my ass over to your blog and shit, it’s awesome! I’m putting you on my “faves” tab right away.

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