first snowfall

forever 21 cape, wendy b. cashmere sweater, thrifted hat, elliot lucca bag, random leggings, boots from argentina, gifted gloves

I know, I was wearing shorts in my last outfit post!  But overnight Denver turned into a winter wonderland, with everything softened and muffled by the fresh snowfall.  Even my sad little front yard looked like a scene out of a Russian fairytale.  I’ve never liked the winter months (being from Chicago, where winter lasts 9 months out of the year!) but there’s something magical about that first snowfall.

Wow, this hat really shows off how horribly orange my hair has become.


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6 thoughts on “first snowfall

  1. James Jago says:

    I love that cape! Your hair is perfectly orange for Halloween…

  2. Looks like we’re riding out the same storm! Love your cape with the leopard peeking out.

  3. Sandstorm says:


    (very excited about the snow. and you look great!)

  4. halliedaily says:

    Amazing snow !!! I always like to take pictures in the snow, but we just don’t have snow here!:D
    the cape is from F21? Aww…it’s amazin!

  5. blondehaus says:

    I can’t believe it snowed already! I love the little bit of cheetah print peeking out from your cape. Foxy!

  6. Beth says:

    Awesome! The second pic of you is STUNNING! I can’t believe you guys have snow already!

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