versace for h&m

versace for h&m top and skirt

I was skeptical at first about the versace line for h&m.  When designers do low budget capsule collections for large retailers, the quality is usually pretty low, the clothes are ugly, and people just buy them because of the hype.  But when I saw this duo on the h&m website, I actually got pretty excited.  Instead of looking cheap and cheesy, these pieces have a fun print but a refined cut.  Plus they’re made from quality materials – the top is a wool-cashmere blend and the skirt is silk.  I love the idea of wearing these together – what an impact!  And they’d be great with black tights, under a long wool winter coat.

PS, could I be obsessing right now because H&M opens its first store in Denver in 8 DAYS?!!!  Maybe a little.

(photos from h&

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3 thoughts on “versace for h&m

  1. Sandstorm says:

    I’m so jealous y’all are getting an H&M. . .

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