fresh crop

forever 21 striped top, vintage blouse and necklace, current elliot jeans, elliot lucca bag, aldo shoes with DIY stripes

There’s just no point in clinging to long hair when it’s ugly, brittle, and a weird, unnatural color.  So I cut it off.


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6 thoughts on “fresh crop

  1. halliedaily says:

    Love love love this combination! so pretty!
    P.S. did you cut your hair? looks different today:D

  2. kate says:

    Yep! About 7 inches!

  3. Joanne says:

    love the haircut! I recently cut my hair too, it’s nice to let it all go:)

  4. Sandstorm says:

    Your hair! I haven’t seen it this short since freshman year! (and, please, neither of us really remembers that year…)

  5. duckalicious says:

    great haircut, you look so fresh!

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