denim on top

h&m shirt, naven skirt, linea pelle belt, hype clutch, vintage necklaces (the ladybug belonged to my grandma), vintage shoes

Hopefully now I will be back to a more regular blogging schedule!  I love how this denim shirt dresses down what could have been a much fancier outfit.  My camera has been sort of malfunctioning today, producing weird vintage-y effects in some of its photos.  I think it’s just jealous since I’ve recently become an instagram addict; it’s like, “Yo, Kate, look at me!  I can do hipster pictures too!”  I wasn’t planning on including any at first, since I don’t want to encourage this kind of behavior in my Nikon, but I kinda like the effect.


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2 thoughts on “denim on top

  1. Kate Lasater says:

    I LOVE your clutch. The details are beautiful and it adds the perfect touch to your outfit!

  2. Sandstorm says:

    FINALLY back at work!!

    1. your bare legs made me shiver. Booker and I are under 3 blankets right now

    2. bulldoggies!!!!!!

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