I hate new year’s resolutions.  Instead, I would like to look back at the past year and all it has brought me, the challenges and triumphs.

March: My grandma died.  She will be missed.

April: My sister got married!

May: Jon found this sweet little guy in an abandoned lot, and Monty entered our lives!

June: Jon and I left New Orleans and moved to Denver together with our dogs.

July: I started a blog (!!!) and through it have met some awesome, beautiful people.  Thank you to all of my readers!

December: I applied to college (again) after deciding to go back for a second undergrad degree.  (I don’t have a pic for this one.)

It’s been a whirlwind year, and I’m so happy to have you guys along for the ride.  What has 2011 brought you?

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One thought on “2011

  1. Sandstorm says:

    That is an AWESOME picture from the wedding, and just in general! Yay for Monty! Boo for leaving NOLA…

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