happy last day

h&m jacket and hinged ring, polo ralph lauren shirt, myne skirt, forever 21 necklace, asos through finger spike ring, vintage purse, aldo shoes with DIY stripes

Well, here it is, my last outfit post of 2011.  I hope all of you stay safe and warm tonight, and don’t end up screaming at your boyfriend in the middle of the street in Paris during the midnight countdown while dozens of French people stare at you and tell each other, “ugh, those Americans“… Right.  Well, I, for one, am hoping to end this year better than I began it.

Happy New Year, guys!

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2 thoughts on “happy last day

  1. halliedaily says:

    Happy New Year~!!! love your 2011’s last outfits, looking forward your 1st outfits of 2012:)

  2. Beth says:

    Am loving how you styled this! Necklace over the white button down is fab! Also, love the outfit from “fresh start” on Jan 3rd! Neutrals with pops of neon is to die!!
    Btw- did you dye your hair?? It looks darker

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