casual sunday

forever 21 sweater, jeans, and necklace, polo shirt, cole haan bag, versace for h&m booties, custom spike friendship bracelets from my little fisheye shop, brass spike bracelets from thailand, elizabeth and james double wishbone ring, gifted gold rings, asos watch, sunglasses from gae-tana’s in nola

Just a casual outfit for a casual Sunday.  Hope you’re having a great weekend!


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5 thoughts on “casual sunday

  1. Sandstorm says:

    Casual Sunday with 5 (?) inch heels…love.

  2. halliedaily says:

    Such a beautiful outfits! I love it alot!:)
    Those rings in the last picture are so cute!

  3. desert heels says:

    Those boots are cute!

  4. Love this look and the booties! Great blog!

  5. farlakes247 says:

    wow…those booties make ur arch go parallel with ur legs. Like they used to draw the PinUps in the 50-ies… So pretty and pleasant to my eye.[b] LIKE[/b] big time

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