forever 21 cape, h&m turtleneck, zara skirt, vintage belt, gloves, and clutch, sunglasses from gae-tana’s in nola, aldo pumps

There’s a giant snowstorm moving through Denver at the moment, so I’m posting some photos I took yesterday.  I love how this cape looks belted – so vintage and ladylike – but it greatly restricts my arm movements.  You should have seen me trying to drive in this outfit before I finally ditched the belt.  Also, I think I’m going to have to retire these shades until my hair grows out some… while editing these photos I noticed I’m starting to bear a striking resemblance to Elton John, and I don’t think the sunglasses are helping.

While you’re online, Kim over at shoecloszet.com was kind enough to feature me in her “What They’re Wearing” section.  Shoecloszet is a blog all about shoes – everything from celeb inspiration to trends in footwear to actual closets full of shoes!  Check it out here.


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5 thoughts on “lookalike

  1. lunchetta says:

    i love the cape and the purse.

  2. Sandstorm says:

    holy crap Movie Star!!!

    (and NOT Elton John)

  3. monica says:

    no se como lo haces,pero siempre estas perfecta

  4. It’s absolutely amazing some of the incredible finds that can be found at F21 — I love love love this cape! Absolutely gorgeous. As a short hair maven, I’m loving your short asymmetrical cut 🙂

    Cable Car Couture

  5. I can’t take my eyes off of this classing outfit!

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