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Loving pastels right now – they feel so fresh and new for spring!  So far, I’ve only tried lilac nail polish, but these beautiful ladies have inspired me to try the chalky shades in larger doses.  I especially like the idea of a pastel sweater paired with jeans in a similar color.  Hopefully I can pull it off without looking too much like an Easter egg!


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4 thoughts on “springtime

  1. I love pastels! Especially that great mint green color!

  2. halliedaily says:

    Thank you so much Kate! for including me inside this post, I love all the other pictures you picked here, and I am beyond honor to be line up with my favorite blogger Blair. The last picture is the one I am really want to try next time. and I am sure you can pull off the pastel trend very well!!!!can’t wait to see it!

  3. Shoe Closzet says:

    I love this trend! I love the brights as well but I’m nit always in the mood for it so this is perfect…great post.

  4. duckalicious says:

    I like pastels, but I sure as hell will not wear them if everyone else does. not sure they’d look good on me, anyway.

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