pastel parade

h&m jean jacket and hinged ring, bloomingdale’s sweater, polo ralph lauren shirt, forever 21 jeans and necklace, vintage scarf, gifted teal ring, cole haan bag, boutique 9 heels, revlon nail polish in minted

Pastels today, with a little denim-on-denim action.


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7 thoughts on “pastel parade

  1. Kevin says:

    Your neighborhood drys fast…very neat combination…Go spring!!

  2. halliedaily says:

    Love the layering here,,,and hey! we all have our mint nails today:))

  3. Double denim is always okay :D. This outfit is so springy and I love your nails!

  4. aga mendes says:

    Your otfits are super!

  5. Rebecca says:

    LOVE your accessories!

  6. duckalicious says:

    I really like that necklace. I was sure it was vintage, can’t believe it’s from f21!

  7. LBVie Ashley says:

    So cute! I love pastels!

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