the belt trick

isabel lu dress, random belt, noir scarab cuff, vintage clutch, zara sandals

I absolutely love the details and color of this dress, but it was a little shapeless when I bought it.  Even after tailoring, it didn’t quite fit me right.  So I used the belt trick: sew two belt loops to the sides of the dress (or use two large safety pins to make the loops if like me, you’re in a hurry/sewing averse), then thread a sash belt or wide ribbon through the loops and tie in the back.  This way you get an adjustable fit, and there’s no belt crossing your waist, causing fabric to bunch in the wrong spots.  I also love how a belt adds to the draping effect on the back of this dress, and coordinates with the black accents in my shoes!

Well, happy Friday folks!

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10 thoughts on “the belt trick

  1. Molly Rose says:

    That is such a neat idea! I will definitely be remembering it.

  2. inezanigbogu says:

    Love the color of your dress. The belt is a great idea.

  3. LOVE the dress! great shoes too:)

  4. kate says:

    Thanks everyone!

  5. L says:

    new reader here and i love your style! all your outfits are so consistantly fresh and crisp looking!

  6. Mandy says:

    Such a great look! I think I am digging the shoes the most 🙂

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  7. desert heels says:

    the clutch is beautiful.

  8. I love these sandals from Zara!

  9. veganfamilia says:

    What a great idea! Thanks! I’m so LOVING those shoes…where can I get some?

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