back to basics

h&m blouse and bracelets, american apparel shorts, vintage pearl necklace, low luv triangle necklace, asos watch, vintage bag and shoes, american apparel vintage deadstock sunglasses

Today’s outfit is super-basic so I can show off these American Apparel shorts.  They were a little overpriced, but if you knew how many pairs of high rise cutoffs I’ve tried on searching for the perfect ones, you’d completely understand.  I was basically willing to trade my left kidney (it’s the weak one) for a pair of denim shorts that didn’t strangle my thighs and overexpose my cellulite.  Here they are!!

On another note, I decided to try a new makeup look today.  Normally I play up my eyes, but today I really craved a clean face with a bold red lip.  I like it, and the lack of eye makeup is great for those spontaneous crying fits (hey, no judgies!).


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5 thoughts on “back to basics

  1. halliedaily says:

    Like the basic look, fresh and clean:)

  2. inezanigbogu says:

    Your shorts are cute. Love your shoes, they remind me of Peter Pan’s! In a good way.

  3. […] out; the neon looks really sharp against the light wash shorts (the same ones I obsessed over here) and the black accessories.  I like to think I pulled it off without looking like a college […]

  4. […] smaller dose of neon today against some nice neutral shades.  As much as I hate buying shorts (see this post), I fell in love with these awesome neon trim ones from Laugh Cry Repeat.  They have a nice […]

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