a lesson in proportion

h&m blouse and yellow link bracelet, asos collar tips and clutch, naven skirt, bauble bar neon cord bracelet, urban outfitters tiger bangle, forever 21 bar ring, vintage heels, american apparel nail lacquer in neon yellow

I talked myself into buying this Naven skirt because 1, it’s my favorite color 2, it’s silk, and 3, it has an exposed zipper (someday I’ll have to count the number of things I own solely based on their having exposed zippers – it’s always a selling point for me).  But when my new skirt finally arrived in the mail, I was less than enthusiastic about actually wearing it.  While the bubble silhouette looked great on the 5’11”, size 0 model, I didn’t find it nearly as flattering on my pear-shaped figure.  But as I learned, it’s all a matter of proportion.

At first I tried pairing the skirt with a simple tank and platform pumps, hoping to highlight my slender upper body and lengthen my legs, but the lack of volume on top only exaggerated my dewdrop shape, and the thick heels + miniskirt combo looked a little Las-Vegas-in-a-bad-way.  So I switched to a t-shirt and a pair of sandals, but the ankle straps on the shoes made my legs appear chunky, visibly adding weight to my lower body.  Finally, I decided on a billowy-but-sheer blouse, buttoned all the way up and sporting collar tips, which added enough volume to balance out the extra padding the skirt creates around my hips.  As a finishing touch I put on low heels with a pointed toe to lengthen my legs while avoiding looking like a cheese puff.


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