scuba dooba

vintage silk tee, scuba skater skirt (also similar here), h&m lace miniskirt, vintage clutch, bracelets, from top: custom spike friendship bracelet from my little fisheye shop, orange bangle from gae-tana’s in nola, asos spike bracelet, forever 21 altered necklace, charles jourdan gia sandals (similar here)

My obsession with neon rages on… Seriously, I was so psyched to find this skirt at Tobi; I’m pretty sure it’s the same one that’s in this photo.  As I was planning an outfit around my new skirt, I used a lace mini as a slip and to add a little extra volume and just couldn’t get over the way it looked when the lace peeked out a little.  A few strategically placed safety pins later, I had this fun bubbly peekaboo lace skirt/peplum thingy.  The contrast of textures and the fun silhouette make this hands-down my FAVORITE OUTFIT OF ALL TIME (which explains the goofy smile I’m wearing in these pics) and I’m beyond excited to wear it out tonight.  It might be a bit much for dinner and drinks, but hey, it’s fashion week somewhere…


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6 thoughts on “scuba dooba

  1. Beth says:

    So 80s, totally adorable!!!

  2. crazystylelove says:

    I LOVE your neon skirt! Absolutely love how you put the lace skirt underneath it! So creative.

  3. What an impeccable idea and it turned out so good, too! Great and original outfit, no wonder it’s your favourite one!

  4. stylecrumb says:

    I am so jealous of all the neon you own.
    I need to go to a blackout party next week and I need to bag borrow and steal off you, sorry!

  5. This is such a daring and adorable outfit! I love the combination of neon with the cobalt blue. Also by pinning up the skirt to show off some lace it truly makes the outfit more unique. I also think it’s great that you paired it with a nude show so it doesn’t take away from the the skirt, obviously the show-stopping part of the outfit. I couldn’t wait to add this to my pinterest fashion file!

  6. ola munia says:

    oh my gosh. I’m in love!! I have the same skirt and would have never thought to do this. so creative. love love love. you’re in inspiration babe!

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