fresh prints

forever 21 sweatshirt and earrings, asos pants, vintage sunglasses and clutch, boutique 9 heels (painted white)

I’ve been reluctant to try out the printed pants trend because I’ve never had thin thighs, and I wasn’t so keen on drawing attention to that fact by covering my legs in a loud floral.  But it turns out I was just waiting for the perfect pair of printed pants (try saying that five times fast!): these incredible ones from Asos.  Thanks to the way the print is laid out, they actually happen to be slimming, and the psychedelic colors are another awesome plus.  When I tried them on for the first time and modeled them for my boyfriend, he asked if they were my Will Smith pants.  “What?” I asked.  “Will Smith wore that same pair of pants on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air” (proceeds to show me pictures of Will Smith wearing ridiculous tribal harem pants).

Oh well, he also said they were one of his favorite things I own.


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6 thoughts on “fresh prints

  1. beth says:

    I’m officially obsessed with your earrings!!!!! I’ve been trolling the forever21 site to no avail! If you can, will you purchase me a pair and I’ll pay you back??? DYING!! Also looove the pants!

  2. MeggieD says:


  3. I love them- you look so cool! xo

  4. love the print on your pants. loooove your hair, girl.

  5. halliedaily says:

    lol, coulnd’t be more agree with Jon, since I bought the pants too! XX

  6. Sandstorm says:

    you > will smith

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