body conscious

asos dress, h&m necklace, aldo heels (dyed black), vintage clutch, nail rock nail wraps in gold

One question I always want to ask stylish women is “What will I never catch you wearing?”  I think this is a very revealing question, and my answer has always been body-con.  I see other women wearing body-con dresses and looking fabulous, and this has nothing to do with what shape or size they are.  But for me, just the thought of wearing a skin-tight dress brings up a ton of body insecurities.  I imagine a photo of me on the cover of a tabloid, my lumpy thighs spilling out of my too-short, riding-up-in-the-rear bandage dress, a black bar over my eyes and a big DON’T next to the pic.  I think of the hordes of women parading from club to club downtown on Market Street, with the same highlights, the same tan, the same black body-con dress, eyeliner, and cage heels.  And so, I have avoided the body-conscious silhouette.

But there is a first time for everything, my friends, and this dress from Asos has changed the way I feel about body-con.  It doesn’t have to be slutty, or skin-tight, or super-short.  It can be… classy?  Yes, just maybe.  Did this dress just give me curves?  Did the longer hemline actually lengthen my legs?  I must be seeing things.  Body-con, we should have hooked up a long time ago.  This new relationship is going to be good for both of us.

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3 thoughts on “body conscious

  1. Mark white says:

    Awesome! Better close up of those amazing shoes.

  2. Beth says:

    You look absolutely amazing!!!!!

  3. Sandstorm says:

    omg who’s that classy broad?!?

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