h&m blouse (similar here) and neckace, bb dakota alba shorts, asos clutch, sam edeman yelena sandals

Sorry I’ve been missing lately.  It’s been raining here the past few days, which is a good thing where wildfires and water restrictions are concerned, but not so helpful for motivating myself to take photos.  Lucky me, the sun came out briefly today and I was able to sneak over to a nearby industrial area to model these fun sequin shorts and get a lot of strange looks from various workers in this building.  Funny – when I started my blog a year ago I would get really uncomfortable if I noticed people watching me take photos, and now it doesn’t phase me.

Happy No Pants Tuesday!

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6 thoughts on “sequin

  1. Sandstorm says:

    “nearby industrial area”


  2. Sandy says:

    Maybe you were just going through a faze 😉

    • kate says:

      Haha, no idea why I spelled it that way! I knew it looked silly when I wrote it… Oh well, time to head back to school!

  3. Nini Nguyen says:

    Such a cute outfit.

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