…about my feet

forever 21 necklace, bag, and shirt, the limited skirt, vintage sunglasses, boutique 9 heels (painted white)

Just yesterday I noticed a spike in pageviews on the blog, and of course I got excited.  I assumed someone with a good amount of internet clout had recognized my style genius, reblogged one of my looks and directed a lot of traffic my way.  Needless to say, I got a little carried away planning my trip to fashion weeks around the world.  When I came down off my cloud and checked out my site stats, the top referrer happened to be a website for people who really like feet.  Especially dancer-type feet, and though I quit ballet at age five, I somehow retained ridiculously high arches (and a love of twirling).  That combined with the decent amount of high heel photos I post seems to have landed me on the foot fetish site, which I find hilarious and of course a bit disturbing.  So to those of you who are here to look at my feet – thank you.  Though I’m pretty sure you weren’t expecting a site called “No Pants Tuesday” to be a fashion blog.

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14 thoughts on “…about my feet

  1. Great style & GREAT hair!

    • kate says:

      Thanks! I really didn’t pick this hairstyle out, it’s just how it looks after growing out a pixie cut for 6 months (and keeping it trimmed to avoid a mullet of course)!

      • Too funny- I grew out a pixie cut a couple years ago and hated how my hair looked for an entire year! Now I would go pay to have mine cut like yours- very cute. Love the blog!

  2. Loretta Nguyen says:

    I love your styling, especially how you paired the two different prints, genius!


    your blog is awesome, keep up the great work, Loretta xx

  3. Sandstorm says:

    I want that shirt!!

  4. aiyanajane says:

    those shoes are phenomenal! i like your feet in them too! 😉
    i love seeing the search terms people use to find your posts.. the other day i got “calgary stampede girls nude” directed to mine.. too bad for him i was just talking about the color of my shoes!!
    love the mixed prints, i just posted about mixing prints today here:

  5. miranda says:

    oh my gosh that is hysterical! ah! i would be totally freaked out–although that would never happen to me since my feet are hideous!
    i love the way you mixed your prints here! trigger pulled 😉

  6. I looove your shoes!! great work…
    hope you can follow me back!!

  7. Lidiya says:

    You look amazing!!!!Love you style<3 I am your new follower from Istanbul, if you will give a look to my last post and join to my blog too I will be very happy.
    Lidiya Ostafiychuk

  8. GQ says:

    Wow! I’m glad you see the humor in it! It is not lost on me either. Your sense of style is impeccable and I hope that big fashion blogger discovers you someday! In the mean time though we think you have beautiful feet ;o) My apologies as many people aren’t aware of this beauty standard.

  9. farlakes247 says:

    no need to be a bit disturbed by the unexpected followers…looks to me that they have an exquisit taste.

  10. Jay Norris says:

    Yes I am one of those guys too that admires a great pair of legs and the feet attached to them. Seriously, though woman love how they look in them and admiration from the opposite sex has to be part of it. I actually pick shoes for my girlfriend and she goes and picks an outfit to match. So the added benefit here is I am gonna pick a pair of the shoes you found and point her to your website! WIN WIN for all!

  11. […] in Broomfield. I've always loved The Limited for their smart and affordable workwear (like this skirt), so I was super excited when the brand asked me to check out the new store and share my experience […]

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