festival season

isabel lu dress (similar options here, here, and here), forever 21 necklace, vintage clutch, zara heels (painted red)

I actually wore this to a music festival last weekend, and let me tell you, my boyfriend was not happy about my outfit choice!  He said I looked like I was meeting a senator, and complained that I was going to look different than everyone else there.  But what’s so wrong with that?  I didn’t feel like rocking that whole cutoff jorts and  flower crown Coachella look that’s starting to feel a little maxed out – I don’t dress like that in real life, and why would I put on a themed getup just to hear live music?  So I stood my ground on the dress and heels, and compromised by switching out the necklace for spiky tribal earrings before heading out the door.


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10 thoughts on “festival season

  1. Piroschka Maga says:

    Hmmm well I love the dress for a festival, it’s fresh, maybe I would have changed the heels for a red pair of converse sneakers (just because the heels would kill me on my way to the festival hehe….)

  2. tseparfait says:

    What a lovely dress and I totally agree with you! Even if you stood out, at least you looked amazing!


  3. Patience says:

    Such a cute and classic dress. Love the statement necklace.


  4. Robie says:

    I wouldn’t wear it to a festival, but you look lovely. Those heals are just gorgeous!

  5. Sandstorm says:

    Haha I’m all for heels anywhere

  6. Thierryjan says:

    Really Nice outfit , Beautifull dress And style

  7. Melissa says:

    I say go with what you like and what makes you feel comfy. I love this chic outfit, and I have those heels (although in different colors)!

  8. hannah says:

    Lovely look this dress is amazing and pairing with those shoes ! ❤

    wanna follow on facebook and twitter ?

    Elegantesque Blog

  9. Anni says:

    You should definitely stand your ground. I always feel its a bit tacky to dress to theme if that’s not your style and if it doesn’t happen to be the Coachella vibe, go with what you’re comfy with. I mean there are places like metal raves where wearing stilettos won’t work out but depending on what you’re listening to a outfit like yours works out just fine.


  10. sara says:

    I always thought the guy in SLC Punk who dressed super preppy but went to hardcore shows anyway was the coolest.

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