065078067090parker dress (old but another cool one here), forever 21 top (similar here) and wallet/clutch (similar here), thrifted belt, bauble bar and H&M bracelets, DIY necklace (similar here) black riveted heels from milanoo.com

I’m not a total supporter of knockoffs, but then again, if no one bought them only the very wealthy would own stylish clothing.  And for some reason, within the fashion community, certain brands are more easily forgiven for selling knockoffs than others.  So while Zara or Topshop can make a sweatshirt that is very Balmain, a cheap pair of studded heels from a cheesier website gets less respect (would it be better if the soles weren’t red?).

Half the things I buy are knockoffs, and I don’t even realize it until months later when I’m paging through an old Vogue and happen upon the designer version of my favorite pants/dress/heels.  (Clearly I don’t pay enough attention during fashion month.)  If I’m unknowingly buying knockoffs anyway, I might as well dive right in and get the ones that scream FAKE LOUBOUTINS!

Yep, that’s what these heels are.  Fake Louboutins, but at least I didn’t buy them from a site that advertises “Christian Louboutin heels – $150!!!”  I got them from Milanoo.com (for $50!), and after searching through endless pages of clear plastic platform stripper heels, I found some nice fake Alexander Wangs too.


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5 thoughts on “riveting

  1. theblackcape says:

    nice! loving the bracelet 🙂

  2. I LOVE the shoes! Great accessory!

  3. Angel says:

    Yep, i’d rather buy knockoffs that something that claims “christan louboutin”. I’ve been dying to get a shoe from there but I heard tons of bad reviews. How was your shopping experience?

    • kate says:

      So far, OK. The shipping takes a while and their “live customer service chat” never seems to be available though…

  4. Kate says:

    I love this outfit! That print and color are so beautiful.

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