048050086064 forever 21 tee (similar here), flannel (similar here and here), and sunglasses, h&m skirt (similar here), vintage bag (similar here, or hey, get a real one!), DIY loafers (or fine, just get the cat shoes!)

I’m actually trying not to crack up in these pictures because my dogs were hanging out in the yard behind my camera and the chihuahua was furiously humping the lab. (This happens a lot. He flattens out his ears and narrows his eyes and gets this “oh yeeeaaah” look on his face. It’s awesome.)

Since I haven’t taken the plunge and bought a plaid miniskirt yet (big for fall, yes?), I decided to improvise and tie a shirt around my waist. I think it makes this outfit more colorful and interesting, don’t you? Then I added my DIY guns & money loafers because why not?

Note: I do not support or condone gun violence. These shoes were just a cheeky, less cutesy take on the Chiara ones I fell in love with, but alas, could not afford.



8 thoughts on “plaid

  1. tinatre says:

    Those shoes are super cute!! I would have never guessed they were DIY, great job!

  2. wllw says:

    Those shoes are too cute!

  3. kate says:

    Thanks guys! I just bought cheap velvet loafers (Bamboo is the brand) and sewed on some iron-on patches.

  4. Sandstorm says:

    Any post with Monty-humping and a note on gun violence is a win in my book!

  5. mizzmash says:

    Hey, I love your blog!
    Please check mine out!
    Also, I tagged you in my latest post!
    Aisha xo.

  6. Hey there, I love reading your posts, they brighten my day, and expand my wardrobe and makeup bag to say the least, so I have nominated you for a Leibster award, click onto my post for rules, and good luck, you deserve it 🙂 x

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