Hey friends! Last weekend was our first snow of the season. Yep!! So in honor of all that, I decided to play a little game called “how many layers can I work into one outfit while still not wearing pants?” Can you guess?









Ok and I’m wearing undies too guys but I’m not about to strip down in my front yard. My neighbors with kids (and without) might not be too keen on that…

(vintage skirt, forever 21 shirt (similar here, here, oh heck, just pick one), shoes (similar), and baseball jacket (similar here, here), h&m denim jacket (similar), j. crew vest (similar here and in camo), c/o the limited bag (similar here) and wallet)

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8 thoughts on “layers

  1. Laura says:

    The name of your blog is really awesome! Best name I’ve heard in a while:) Love the outfit too:)

  2. jessthetics says:

    I love this outfit, especially your heels and plaid shirt! xx

  3. AlysaLovely says:

    this is super cute! though you could have added a fifth layer with tights/nylons 😉

  4. whatwewear says:

    layering is the best way to get through winter, we just hate that it makes us feel so big! you manage to still look so skinny with all those layers on!
    skinny and chic 🙂

  5. Sandstorm says:

    haha great post!

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