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tropical snow

forever 21 cardigan and giraffe bangle, topshop skirt, vintage sash (worn as headband), vintage sunglasses, aldo shoes, asos clutch and spike bracelet, urban outfitters tiger bangle

I’m finally back to taking some outfit photos after a week’s vacation!  It might be cold and snowy in Denver, but I’m just not feeling it today, so I paired my new tropical print skirt from Topshop with a leopard cardigan to shoo away those winter blues.

So guys, my hair has reached that point where I can’t do anything with it!  Styling it forward like a boy makes it cover my eyes, but parting it/styling it like long hair looks just as silly.  I knew it would reach this point eventually when I got my hair cut short, and I’ve been dreading it.  So far, I’ve resorted to headscarves, which are great, but I don’t look forward to styling my hair the same way every day for a year!  Seriously, if you have any tips, ideas, youtube videos, headband or hat stores, etc. that would help me, I would appreciate it a lot!


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1. topshop cutout aztec studs  2. asos cord and chain bracelet  3. topshop spike thread studs  4. asos spike stretch bracelet  5. asos zigzag enamel triangle earrings  6. asos cord and arrow charm necklace

I just got back from a weekend in the mountains to find that my favorite UK retailers had updated their accessories departments with colorful, tribal-inspired, spike-laden jewelry.

I can’t decide which piece I like best.  Do you have a favorite?

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