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188171 191forever 21 jacket (similar here), sweater (similar here and here), and pumps (similar), frontrowshop skirt, c/o the limited bag (sold out, similar here and here) and wristlet

I don’t usually like to wear pink for the same reason I don’t usually order white wine when I go out. I hate the stereotype that all women love certain things: the color pink, whipped cream flavored cocktails, Emily Dickinson novels, and bad romantic comedies. Oh, and we hate science and we’re scared of doing math, too. Am I the only one who gets unnecessarily upset when a bartender automatically suggests something fruity or floral to drink? Hell, everyone who finds out that my boyfriend and I have a both a chihuahua and a lab immediately assumes the chihuahua was my doing (it wasn’t). But today I thought, “Screw it, people will think what they want to think, I’m wearing pink!” And then I made up that rhyme about it. Ok, I’ll stop. Like my outfit?

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the vacation bodysuit, diver one piece, vagabond one piece, waddle bikini, oasis string bikini, imperial zipsuit, running horses one piece, all we are handsome


front row shop holiday one piece in underwater world, coconut island, and leopard head, topshop bandeau bikini in tiger face and galloping horse, forever 21 coastline one piece, topshop sunshine beach one piece

If you’re like me, $300 is too much to spend on a swimsuit. So if you, too, like photo graphic swimwear, I suggest clicking through any of the links under the second photo. Much more affordable.

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