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   DSC_3155.2 DSC_3182.2DSC_3142.2forever 21 dress and earrings, drugstore tights, justfab heels

While it’s too cold and snowy to take decent outdoor outfit pics, you’ll just have to deal with me posing in front of my bookcases.

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flips2.2dolce vita dania sandals

Ok, so I’m currently rocking beat up havaianas and an old sorority sweatshirt, but I do love the idea of an elevated flip flop. These have the right dose of luxe with their python-embossed leather and gold toe. They come in a whole rainbow of colors too…

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h&m blouse (similar here) and neckace, bb dakota alba shorts, asos clutch, sam edeman yelena sandals

Sorry I’ve been missing lately.  It’s been raining here the past few days, which is a good thing where wildfires and water restrictions are concerned, but not so helpful for motivating myself to take photos.  Lucky me, the sun came out briefly today and I was able to sneak over to a nearby industrial area to model these fun sequin shorts and get a lot of strange looks from various workers in this building.  Funny – when I started my blog a year ago I would get really uncomfortable if I noticed people watching me take photos, and now it doesn’t phase me.

Happy No Pants Tuesday!

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boulee top (similar options here, here, here), forever 21 necklace (similar here and here), hat (similar), and clutch, zara skirt (try this one) and heels

While experimenting with using the fill flash on my camera, I ended up washing myself out of a few shots.  But I was pretty pleased with the result and how it highlighted the clothes, not me wearing them, so I finished the shoot with the flash on full blast.  I give you the invisible blogger!


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fluro trim

american apparel sweatshirt, laugh cry repeat shorts, vintage necklaces, asos clutch (similar here and here), bauble bar neon bracelet (similar here, here, here), h&m yellow link bracelet and hinge ring, sam edelman yelena sandals

A smaller dose of neon today against some nice neutral shades.  As much as I hate buying shorts (see this post), I fell in love with these awesome neon trim ones from Laugh Cry Repeat.  They have a nice high-ish waist with a good amount of room in the legs (I went up a size to ensure a looser fit), a formula that proves most flattering for bigger thighs.  Honestly, I don’t know why all shorts aren’t made like these, it gets so frustrating shopping for shorts when all that are offered are low-cut, booty-cheek-displaying hotpants that look good on approximately .0082% of the population.  Yes?

Happy No Pants Tuesday!

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