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holiday style – subtle sparkle


From top left: warehouse metallic leather mini skirt (similar here), asos collection holographic shift dress, asos foiled jacquard hitchcock dress  (also in tall), BA&SH tiare dress, true decadence metallic jacquard bardot dress, asos metallic tee and pencil skirt in glitter, asos pencil skirt in mixed print and jacquard, asos premium pencil dress in floral jacquard

It’s that time of year again. Holiday season. When women around the globe throw practical style to the wind and buy the most ridiculous short, tight, sequinned thing we can find. In the emotional rush that comes along with finding that short, tight, glittery thing (“OMG! It SPARKLES!!”), we overlook the fact that we will only be able to wear it one night of the year, with zero possibility of reuse.

With a closet full of overwhelmingly sparkly, overwhelmingly cheesy sequin bodycon dresses accumulated over a decade of New Year’s Eves (because you can’t wear the same one twice!), I have finally decided to put on my big girl pants – or skirt, or dress – and invest in some holiday wear with more subtle sparkle. Maybe something knee-length. Maybe something work party appropriate. Maybe even something I will wear again.

What’s your go-to holiday style?

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roaring 20s


era silk midi dress, texcoco mini dress, illuminate silk midi dress, and tracing mini dress, all by needle and thread

So many options for your next Gatsby-inspired evening. The third one is my favorite. What’s yours?

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on impulse

DSC_1254DSC_1279DSC_1255DSC_1273forever 21 jacket and wallet, vintage sequin top, asos belt, zara faux leather skirt (similar here), milanoo heels

How do you know you’re making an impulsive purchase? Probably when your reasoning for buying something sounds like “OMG!  IT SPARKLES!!!”. That’s exactly what was going through my head when I bought this top.


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statement shorts

printed, from left: piamita bettie chain print shorts, mara hoffman high waisted shorts, bcbg maxazria kyle shorts, tibi gemma print shorts (more sizes here), mara hoffman mexican blanket shorts (more sizes here sequin, from left: bb dakota alba shorts (I just bought these and they’re awesome, but I recommend going down a size – mine were huge!), french connection mimosa mist sequin shorts, diane von furstenberg charlotte sequin shorts, french connection fast mini sequin shorts, lipsy sequin shorts

So… shorts.  Yes, I’ve hated on them before, not because I’m necessarily opposed to the idea of pants that stop mid-thigh, but because for so long it has seemed like the shorts on the market only flatter svelte size 0s with thighs that have never come into contact with each other.  Maybe I’ve just been shopping at the wrong stores.  But I’m starting to have a thing for statement shorts, from simple colorblocking to all-out crazy tribal prints.  And now I’ve added sequins to the collection (see above picture, far left).

When shopping for shorts, the right fit is obviously essential.  I’ve found that the most flattering pairs are cut with a higher waist (not necessarily belly-button height, but up above the hip bones helps to visually lengthen the legs) and a good flare to the leg so they don’t fit tight on the thighs.  I tend to size up in shorts to ensure enough room in the legs and butt – I can always get the waist taken in for the perfect fit.  (I tried to show options that follow these general guidelines.) Not convinced yet?  More than half of the shorts featured here are on sale.

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cool down

forever 21 shirt, cut 25 sequin skirt (similar here), zara clutch and pumps, gifted bracelet, vintage sunglasses

Cool tones today in hopes of convincing mother nature to chill out.  It’s still insanely hot in Denver (though I feel like it’s hot all over the place) and the lack of air conditioning/inability to remain outside for more than five minutes has everyone at my house on edge, especially our lab, Louis.  He’s been spending all day lying on the floor, growling whenever he hears a noise.  I’m in a similar mood — it’s time to get both of us a kiddie pool and a margarita.

Well, maybe no margarita for Louis.

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