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  zara tie-up leather ballerina flats 

I’ve never been a fan of summer sandals; they’re always heavy, clunky things (why is the footbed always so wide??) that weigh an outfit down. A pointy flat adds a dose of put-togetherness, and this lace-up style is the perfect blend of gladiator and ballerina.  I can’t wait to wear these with simple floaty dresses and cropped jeans.

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alt-bride style

houghtonhoughton bride claudia dress, karolina dress, nadja two-piece


zimmermann silk plunge long dress, silk tuck long dress, silk one shoulder long dress

mara_hoffmanmara hoffman freya beaded dress, diana beaded dress, juno sequin dress

andforlove& for love leslie dress, jagger dress (also comes in white), ines dress

reformationreformation floretta dress, sofia two-piece, noelle dress

Yeah, it’s been awhile since my last post – mostly because I’ve been busy with school and wedding planning. A fun little juggle. So far, the most daunting and disappointing task of wedding planning has been choosing a dress. Not even choosing one. Finding one. Finding one dress, out of GAZILLIONS of wedding dresses, that doesn’t make me want to take off my underpants, barf into them, then put them back on.

Guys, if you’re a bride who’s not into bridal, the situation out there sucks. I’ve been told that this point in the planning process is “Soooo fun!! You’re a princesssss!!!”, but in my experience, it’s not. Maybe because I don’t have a princess’s budget. Maybe because, to be honest, I don’t like wedding dresses. And I know there are a lot of women out there who do – seriously, if you are one of these women, this is not a judgement on you. My sister wore the most Wedding of all wedding dresses (Strapless! Sweetheart! Mermaid! Ruffles!) and she completely rocked it! If that’s your style, more power to you. But whenever I put on a dress like that – so… just about any dress in a bridal salon – I don’t feel like myself. Back in kindergarten I dressed up as a bride for Halloween (cool your feminist jets, it’s okaaaay, I’m an engineer now), and when I try on most bridal dresses, I feel like Kindergarten Bride Kate. Not actual Kate. Not the Kate who sometimes farts, and it smells, and she has to walk away.

But there are some dresses out there for real Kate (and for you, you stinky farter!!). So pop that champagne/crack open a High Life and let’s say “okay, maybe” to the dress!

PS: If any of you know of other places to look for unfussy wedding dresses, let me know!


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holiday style – subtle sparkle


From top left: warehouse metallic leather mini skirt (similar here), asos collection holographic shift dress, asos foiled jacquard hitchcock dress  (also in tall), BA&SH tiare dress, true decadence metallic jacquard bardot dress, asos metallic tee and pencil skirt in glitter, asos pencil skirt in mixed print and jacquard, asos premium pencil dress in floral jacquard

It’s that time of year again. Holiday season. When women around the globe throw practical style to the wind and buy the most ridiculous short, tight, sequinned thing we can find. In the emotional rush that comes along with finding that short, tight, glittery thing (“OMG! It SPARKLES!!”), we overlook the fact that we will only be able to wear it one night of the year, with zero possibility of reuse.

With a closet full of overwhelmingly sparkly, overwhelmingly cheesy sequin bodycon dresses accumulated over a decade of New Year’s Eves (because you can’t wear the same one twice!), I have finally decided to put on my big girl pants – or skirt, or dress – and invest in some holiday wear with more subtle sparkle. Maybe something knee-length. Maybe something work party appropriate. Maybe even something I will wear again.

What’s your go-to holiday style?

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guess what?!

DSC_4154bliss lau shield ring in black onyx (custom done in yellow gold)

Woot-woot, I’m engaged!!!

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skort story

DSC_4082 DSC_4105DSC_4089forever 21 coat, sweater, and heels, topshop skort (similar here), c/o the limited crossbody (similar here) and wallet

Skorts are practical, and this one in particular is incredibly flattering. Now, skorts aren’t exactly a new look for me, I’ve actually been rocking them since 5th grade. But unfortunately, my Catholic middle school did not have Topshop design the girls’ uniforms. Thus, they ended up being an un-trendy knee-length pair of plaid shorts with one fabric flap in the front and one in the back. The flaps made it look like a little pleated skirt, without the possibility of upskirting from the boys (before upskirting was even a word). The problem was, if you weren’t careful with your back flap, it would fall into the toilet when you pulled your skort down to pee. Of course you might not even notice until after you were done using the bathroom, so you would have a urine-soaked flap to try to rinse off, ring out, and dry halfway under the hand dryer before doing the my-flap-fell-in-the-toilet-and-I-peed-on-it walk of shame back to class. This happened to me more times than I’d like to admit, and it was always awkward to spend the rest of the day walking around with a wet ass flap.

As if middle school wasn’t hard enough.

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