clockwise-ish from top left: lulu guinness lips clutch, chiara ferragni lipstick glitter loafers, mouse ears sunglasses, pretty little thing cat ears evening hat, shinyshack heart earbuds, forever 21 fox phone case, zeroUV lolita sunglasses

Ok, now that you’ve glanced over the above collage, I’d like to provide a disclaimer: I hate “cutesy” stuff. Cute is a good thing, but once we cross the line into cute-sy, we have a problem. Take, for instance, the Charlotte Olympia cat shoes — I know, I know, everyone loves them! Like, everyone. And if you’re one of the people who loves them then please don’t take this the wrong way: I hate those cat shoes. It’s ok, I’m sure there are plenty of things that I like and wear that you can’t stand, like animal print, or sequins. Or animal print sequins.

Setting aside our differences, let’s address the issue at hand: I’m starting to crave some cutesy shit. It started with a pair of lolita shades. Then I spent last night peppering my pinterest with images of heart-tipped nails. Now I’m in love with Chiara’s lipstick flats (pictured above), though I’d probably go for black velvet over the glitter version. And yes, I’m even considering this cat ears hat.

Friends, what is wrong with me? Maybe with the years creeping up, I just want to revert to my little girl pee-pants stage. Or maybe it’s just PMS.

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3 thoughts on “cutesy

  1. myhartjie says:

    Ha! And so it begins… I love cutesy stuff, but understand that many people can find it a bit too much or immature. Still, if it makes you happy and makes you feel good, wear that cat-eared hat!

    • kate says:

      Thanks — I just might! If I’m going to paint little hearts on my nails I might as well just dive in head first, right?

  2. ronyshapira says:

    I think the cat ears hat is adorable and can actually look really chic if you wear it with say an LBD! oh an I want those slipper flats!!!

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