less is more




056forever 21 shirt (but note my review) and sunglasses (similar here), h&m skirt (similar here and here) and sneakers (similar here, here and here), vintage purse (similar) and rings, casio watch

Ah, ‘less is more’ style. I’ve always admired those women who can put on ballet flats, jeans, and a white shirt and somehow look amazingly put together without trying.  On me, this look just doesn’t work: my flats are scuffed and smell like feet (hey, who wears socks with ballet flats?!), my jeans barely contain my butt, and my crisp white shirt has a fresh new ketchup stain down the front. It’s gotta be all or nothing with me: I’m either in sweatpants or stiletto heels, and if I’m in stilettos I’m also in sequins, cheetah print, and quite a bit of sparkly jewelry. Try as I may to keep it understated, whenever I get dressed I tend to end up looking like it was my last chance EVER – and so I wore everything in my closet.

This outfit is my attempt at less-is-more style: a classic chambray shirt and faux leather skirt, plus a pair of dressed-up sneakers. Honestly, I’m pretty happy with it, especially since it’s a lot easier to walk back and forth to my camera in flats!

How do you feel about this? Would you consider yourself a fashion minimalist, maximalist, somewhere in between?

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7 thoughts on “less is more

  1. myhartjie says:

    “…and if I’m in stilettos I’m also in sequins, cheetah print, and quite a bit of sparkly jewelry.” Haha, this is SO me!!!

  2. chicdcK says:

    Where are your snakeskin sneakers from? Are they sold out? They are so great!

  3. Sarah Gentry says:

    Oh, wow! I absolutely love your sneakers, Kate! I apologise for the semi-gross question, but do you find they make your feet sweaty? I have always wanted a pair of shoes like yours but the ‘sweat factor’ has always been at the back of my mind! Do your feet get very sweaty in them? I love your blog, by the way! You have a new fan!

    • kate says:

      Wow sorry it took a while for me to respond. Yes, they do make my feet sweaty, but my feet are always sweaty. I recommend getting some no-show socks to help absorb the sweat.

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