got my eye on you

eye1eye3eye2 eye4eye7 eye5eye6images from lookbook, theblondesalad, stylescrapbook, pinterest, frontrowshop

I just hate it when people say things like “a stylish woman never follows trends”. Dumb, right? I’m completely in love with this trend, and while I can’t afford Kenzo, you better believe I ordered a knockoff version of the iconic eye sweatshirt (and you can too! Here!). I’m actually thinking of getting the shirt in photo 6 and doing some layering…


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4 thoughts on “got my eye on you

  1. Lindsey says:

    Pretty much obsessed with the 5th image ❤

    xx Lindsey
    Complacency Kills

  2. Sandstorm says:

    I thought the girl in the second pic was you! Is that crazy? I thought maybe a temporary eye tatoo…..? If anyone could get their hands on that, it’d be you…

  3. Love the rings in the second pic x

  4. wllw says:

    Surprisingly this trend isn’t as big here in Australia…. Go for it I say! It’s cute but a little spooky at the same time ;P

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